Hunting for the best consolidation loan

Many different companies and websites promote mortgage loans. However, it is difficult for ads to get a better idea of ​​what is best for your situation.

I’ve put together this post about the different options to compare consolidation loans and their pros and cons

Apply for a consolidation loan directly from your bank or finance company


Almost all finance companies also offer consolidation loans and apply for a loan directly from the finance company website. However, before you apply for a loan, you should check the cost, loan period and other terms of the loan on the finance company website. Comparing more companies this way requires time and patience.

Through a comparison site


There are many different comparison websites on the Internet that provide more information on loans from different credit companies. Some sites also provide estimates of the monthly installment of the loan and other terms and conditions of the loan. Of course, such a listing makes it easier to compare loans, but it also has a few problems. First of all, make sure you have a sufficient number of options listed on your site.

If only 4-5 credit companies are listed, the comparison sample is not comprehensive enough. In this case, many potential companies are not included in the comparison.

On the other hand, interest rates reported by credit comparison companies are generally minimum rates offered to a limited number of customers. Also, the comparison does not take a stand on whether an individual finance company is willing to lend to you. This will only become clear once you have applied for the loan.

Using a loan service


Loan Services (also known as brokerage services) strive to find the best loan for each client. Thus, loan services do not use price lists or the like, but ask the customer for loan offers directly from the credit companies involved in the service.

The customer does not have to contact the loan companies themselves, but the loan service requests loan offers through the customer’s loan application. This gives the customer at one time information on the terms and conditions on which they can obtain a loan from the companies involved in the service.

Just like with comparison sites, when choosing a loan service, consider the number of companies involved in the service. The quantity and quality of the offers received depends on the number of partner companies. Currently, the widest selection of partners is at Good Finance loan service (18 banks and finance companies in total)

I hope these guidelines help you find the right combination loan for you. In the following article, I will provide tips for comparing loan quotes.


Dennis Ochoa