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Payday loan debt consolidation: complete our simple online form

If you have multiple payday loans and would like to roll them all into one payment, then you have a payday loan consolidation option. Many banks offer loan consolidation. In many cases, however, clients with larger liabilities have difficulty achieving loan consolidation approval with a bank. In this case, non-bank consolidation is another option. Such a service is offered by the Savings Cooperative. For him, it is possible to non-bank consolidation of loans and credits for all those who have any loans or loans with other (banking and non-banking) financial companies.

Non-bank consolidation of the loan from Capital Lender is provided from the amount of $ 100,000. The upper limit of this loan is unlimited, its specific amount depends primarily on the client’s obligations and also on his ability to repay his obligations.

Non-bank consolidation can be arranged for 1 – 180 months (up to 30 years). Thanks to this long maturity, this non-bank consolidation may also be useful for refinancing a mortgage or other long-term loans. Due to the longer maturity, it is also possible for the resulting repayments, after consolidation, to be substantially lower than the repayments on the original loans.

Terms and charges for non-bank consolidation

For the settlement of non-bank consolidation of the loan, the savings house cooperates with a one-off fee of 1% of the provided loan (at least 100 $, the maximum limit of this fee is unlimited).

The minimum interest rate after the consolidation of loans is 12.9%. Another cost of the loan is an annual management fee of $ 720 (ie $ 60 per month). But you don’t pay any extra fees.

In order to process this non-bank consolidation of the loan, it is necessary to provide proof of income. This confirmation must be submitted by everyone who applies for consolidation. For example, if you seek to consolidate and refinance a mortgage that you have negotiated with your spouse, then you must provide proof of income both.

In addition, the Savings Cooperative Capital Lender requires the submission of documents relating to existing liabilities. All your financial liabilities can be subject to non-bank consolidation. Not only mortgages and other bank loans. But also other credit commitments such as leasing, credit cards or perhaps unpaid installments or other.

Loan Details – Capital Lender Loan Consolidation:

Loan Details - Capital Lender Loan Consolidation:

Loan, credit: Non-bank consolidation: Capital Lender – refinancing of liabilities
Loan / Credit Provider: Capital Lender, savings cooperative
Company type: spořitelní družstvo
Loan / Credit Type: Non-bank loan, loan
Loan type: Consolidation of loans
Minimum loan amount: $ 10,000
Maximum loan amount: without limits
Min. length of loan – months: 1
Max. length of loan – months: 180
Minimum loan interest rate: 12,90%
Management fee – per year: 720 $
Loan fee: 1.00%
At least: 100 $
Maximum: without limits
Other fees associated with the loan: No additional charges.
Conditions for granting the loan: Age over 18, confirmation of income from all credit participants, quantification of existing liabilities (loans, mortgages, leasing, debit cards, etc.), extract from client information registers CBCB, LLCB and SOLUS.
Credit requirements: Writing a notarial deed with an exequatur and a bill of exchange.
Early repayment: 1000
To change the Terms of Service: $ 1,000
Insurance: Not provided.
It is a bank loan: Yes
Special-purpose loan: Yes
Non-purpose loan: No
What can the loan be used for: To refinance your existing liabilities with other financial institutions.

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